Job Satisfaction

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not enough love to go around. We’re not talking about that special dinner or chocolates from your spouse or love interest. We’re talking about your job. You love it, right? Barring something drastic like a job or career change, we’re going forward with the assumption that you generally like your job. But we want you to love it. Aside from the required skills and the co-workers that go with your position, we have three ways to help you love going to work even more. It may seem obvious, but there are simple ways that you can ensure a better attitude and more energy to face your next work day which all contribute to a more enjoyable work experience.

1. Get More Sleep – It’s true that adults need less sleep than children, but we still need it. The average adult requires seven to eight hours of quality sleep. We may be able to function on less, but a long work day on a few hours of shut eye hurts job performance and our general attitude. To increase the quality of your slumber, don’t use your computer 30 minutes before going to bed because electronics can interfere with the body’s natural biorhythms. No TV watching while in bed, because a dramatic television program, or even a funny one, can stimulate you enough to keep you awake for hours afterwards. Forget drinking more than one glass of wine, because more alcohol in your system might wake you up after only a couple hours of sleep.

Despite hectic schedules and a heavy workload, the human body requires sleep. It’s a function of biology that affects you physically and emotionally if there’s a deficit. If you’re consistently working on too little sleep, you might not even know the difference. As an experiment, make it a priority to sleep a full seven hours every night for a week, and see how you feel. Chances are high that you’ll go to work with more energy and a brighter outlook on your day, and both those things are guaranteed to make you love your job even more.

2. Tame the Chaos – Nothing is more challenging for a working mother than balancing home life and her career. Organization is one of the things that suffers when both sides of the coin are hectic. It may seem elementary and often unimportant, but an unorganized office or home can inspire chaos mentally and physically. It can be as simple as finding the memo you need or finding the right shoes. Searching for that thing you require to get out the door can suck away time that should be spent doing more productive things. Those of us who prescribe to the art of Feng Shui can say that this chaos of disorganization also contributes to scattered thinking and stress.

The easiest solution may be to hire help. There are a variety of cleaning companies and organizational specialists that can help you at home and at the office. This frees up your time to tend to other activities, and more importantly, the important people in your life. If you love your workspace and love your clean and organized house, then you’ll love spending time in both places.

One liter of fresh milk3. Eat Better – How often do you order takeout or hit the drive-thru because you’re running short of time? Your body needs quality fuel to help it function well. Instead of hitting the vending machine and eating at your desk, bring a salad from home and take a walk around the block. There are a myriad of options these days for professionals on the go, and chances are that your local grocery store has healthy ready-made meals at their deli. Better food means that you’ll work better, and who doesn’t want to feel better? Love your body, and it will love you in return.