How Do You Know When You’ve Reached Success?

Defining success used to be so easy — a good education and a materially comfortable life, a stable, predictable career, that was it, basically. The more comfortable, the better, of course. Not so anymore, as we have been discovering that simplysuccess concept having a big house and a couple of vintage cars (for example) doesn’t make you happy and complete. Today, we’re lucky enough to live in a world where opportunities are endless, literally. We can work almost anything we want, anywhere we want and for however long we want. It’s all about balance these days, the balance between professional fulfilment and inner peace. That’s the shortest definition of success today and here are five signs of it and how to get there.

1. Free to do what you want to do

Being able to work for your own benefit, rather than being stuck at the desk from 9 to 5, doing something you don’t enjoy and don’t care about in the least, is what freedom is all about. Being able to turn your back to work whenever you feel there’s something better to do at that precise moment, like have a day out with your family, is what freedom is all about.

2. Doing something you really love

This used to be a dream that would never come true for most people but now, with all the new channels modern technology has given us, there are just so many things to do and you’re bound to find something you love that can get you a comfortable income. Doing something you enjoy rather than just finding a job that pays the mortgage is a sure-fire way to be successful — people are always better at their job if they’re passionate about it.

3. Paying the bills

In the past, success was about wealth but today we don’t just want to be rich. We’re not so willing to work overtime for a bonus if that means lots of additional stress and no time for fun. If you can pay the bills, stay out of debt and set aside a little something for that trip to Jamaica you’ve been wanting to go on, then you’re successful. Who needs millions that have to be taken care of, with all that investment planning and a host of other headaches. Well, whoever does, has more chances than ever to get them.

4. Feeling that what you do has a meaning beyond money

The feeling that what you’re doing not only lets you live comfortably but also makes someone else’s life better is a great one, a feeling that gets you closer to that inner peace we already mentioned. It doesn’t even have to be your job that’s doing the difference — having the desire and opportunity to donate money, time or talents for charity means you’re successful. There are so many people who only have the desire but can’t afford to make the move.

Merry children and their mom discussing lying on a bed5. Enough time for family and pleasure

Remember the balance that’s at the heart of success? There’s nothing like a happy family life to make it real. Admittedly, finding this balance has been getting harder with all the gadgets that make us available to boss or clients at all times but hey, turning the cell off is not exactly hard, right? Turn it off, close the laptop and do something offline with the kids, because you can afford to do it.

How do you get there? Only one way has been time-tested and totally efficient and that’s hard work. Yes, there are miracles but the frequency with which they happen should make you skeptical about sitting and waiting for one to happen to you. Hard work, coupled with a flexible, ready to experiment, creative mind and no fear of risk-taking, will get you there guaranteed.