Women vs. Men

Gender-Icons-1717334The battle of the sexes has been waged ever since the first suggestion was made that women might just be able to do something better than men or simply be better than them in some respect outside the kitchen and the nursery. There is no indication that the argument will be over anytime soon as scores of scientists continue to delve deep into gender differences, debunking long-held myths and discovering new differences. Here are five things that scientific examination n and statistics say women are better at and, to maintain fairness and objectivity, five things that men are better at. So, studies have shown that women are:

1. Better learners.

One study, by academics from the University of Georgia and Columbia University, has revealed that girls at elementary school level have a better, more productive attitude toward learning than boys. They were rated higher than boys on things like attentiveness, eagerness to learn, persistence, organization, flexibility and learning independence. What’s more, another study, from the University of Texas, has debunked the myth that boys are better at tech and science — girls exceed boys in these subjects, too, they just choose not to go into these fields, was the conclusion of the researchers. Still, men are better at visual and spatial tasks, something that seems to be determined by physiological differences.

2. Better doctors.

Or so says a study that looked into doctors attending to diabetes patients in Quebec, Canada. According to the research team, female physicians did better than their male colleagues when it came to prescribing the recommended meds and scheduling check-ups. That could be put down to our more caring nature.  Men seem to have a higher pain threshold than women. At least, research from the Leeds Metropolitan University suggests that women tend to report feeling more intense pain than men, regardless of their culture. The myth of the silently suffering macho endures.

3. Better drinkers.

That’s another surprise that would dampen the spirits of Y-chromosome bearers. British scientists have found that regular alcohol abuse leads to more severe mental decline in late middle age for men than for women. However, when one is enjoying a beverage, biologically speaking, men are better equipped to process alcohol because they have more of the enzyme, dehydrogenase, that breaks it down.

4. Smarter.

World-famous IQ testing expert James Flynn reported two years ago that for the first time since IQ records began, women have overcome men. The explanation? Modern life is making more demands on our brains and women seem to be adapting faster and better, perhaps because we need to balance more plates, what with a career, kids and a family life. As consolation for guys, one reason for this could be that women were at a disadvantage before and are only now coming into their own.

5. More risk-proof.

It’s no news that men are more willing to take risks, it’s genetically predetermined and so on goes the traditional view, but, guess what, there are studies showing that it may not be about gender, so it’s all inconclusive. However, there is some new research which has found that men tend to take more risks under stress, while women’s risk-taking tendencies subside in the same circumstances. That could be one of the reasons why hedge funds managed by women did better in the global crisis, who knows.

In short, nothing in science is ever conclusive for very long, so let’s review the evidence again in a couple of years. Until then: women are smarter and live longer.