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Founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative, Jami Ritter is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience as a management consultant, IT executive, operations/contact center executive, and global operations leader.  She brings a wealth of experience in navigating the workplace, balancing her work and home lives, and ultimately founding her own company.  Through her experience, Jami is passionate about sharing her lessons learned, guidance, and thoughts on how to navigate the working world and ultimately realize success.

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Amy Overley Rizzo has been a staff writer for the Women’s Empowerment Initiative since 2013.  She graduated from Juniata College with a B.A. in English and enthusiasm for women authors in literature. Despite her intentions, Amy’s career veered into financial services for ten years until she decided to return to the thing she loved the most:  writing. Amy has been a pen-for-hire for over four years, creating web content, writing articles, blog posts and social media posts for a variety of companies in industries that include women’s issues, environmental and green companies, construction, and the food industry.

When not trying to tame the chaos that follows in the wake of her five-year-old, Amy is working on a Golden Girls mystery set in the south and perfecting her recipe for chocolate cake.


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Irina Slav has been a staff writer for the Women’s Empowerment Initiative since 2013.  Irina has been writing professionally since 2006, covering a variety of business-related topics, but has only recently found her niche writing about women’s issues. Being able to share the insights gained through first-hand experience is immensely gratifying, as is being able to draw on other women’s experiences to learn more about how we could feel better about ourselves, be more successful and fulfilled and cope with the scores of challenges that modern life puts in our way. Although Irina’s background in psychology and communications helps, it’s actual experience that she finds most valuable and insightful, whether it’s about motherhood, career development or something as routine as skincare. Seeing how dynamically the world is changing, how attitudes are evolving and speculating how things might or should look in the future, be it with regard to work, family or health, is a fascinating, fulfilling pursuit that nurtures her inquisitive nature and drives her with the humble hope that while Irina tries to make sense of things she might be helping others do the same.