The Women’s Empowerment Initiative is pleased to announce the Empowered Woman Awards Program that recognizes the achievements and inspiring stories of women who have been empowered to overcome amazing challenges and achieve success at work or at home. The engraved awards are presented to Empowered Women throughout the year. Each award recipient’s inspirational story will be recognized in upcoming editions of the Empowered Woman Newsletter, through Social Media initiatives, and as part of other promotional activities conducted by the Women’s Empowerment Initiative and its partners.EmpoweredWomanAward_PattyONeil100

The first recipient of the Empowered Woman Award is Patty O’Neil, winner of the reality TV show “The Hero.”  Click here to read more about her empowering experiences and about what’s next on her list.

To submit a nomination for an Empowered Woman Award, whether yourself or someone you know, complete the award nomination form.