Staying At Home? Don’t Let Your Creativity Wane

????????????????????????????So, you’re stuck at home with a baby or a toddler, or you’ve decided to opt out of work for longer. What you do every day is chores, looking after the kids, chores and helping with homework. Being there and watching your child grow is a great thing, but rewarding as it may be, it’s mostly repetitive, especially when the kids are younger. But you can still be creative: there are scores of ways to use your creativity at home while doing housework, or when you’re taking time to rest for a bit. Well, perhaps excluding cleaning and ironing, that is.

One obvious place to be creative is the kitchen, of course. Sandwiches are the food that most easily lends itself to quirky ideas that kids love. Like these, for example; sometimes our imagination needs just a little push to unfold, so here it is. But sandwiches are just one way to be creative in the kitchen. How about braving the herb and spice world and using new combinations? There is such a huge variety of cuisines around the world that it’s getting harder to be outraged at things like, say, combining cinnamon with eggplant. Break the rules that say basil goes with tomato sauce and all things Italian, put it in the chicken casserole, it would go just as well with chicken. The thing with cooking is that it’s very easy to settle in a rut, cook the things you know the family likes and avoid experimenting in case you end up with a meal no one would want to eat. If you have a flair for cooking, though, don’t be afraid to improvise, you may be surprised with the results.

And what about handicrafts? If you’re good with your hands and have the patience, the creative possibilities are endless. You can make soft toys for the baby, for example, or add some decoration in a room, or make an accessory unique. The Internet is full of places such as this, where you can get ideas that suit your skills and free time. What’s especially good about handicrafts is that they help you live a greener life. Instead of throwing away things that are broken or clothes that are too worn out, you can give them a second life, the ultimate win-win situation.

Maybe you used to write? Or paint? You can still do it, even with kids around. True, it’ll be harder to make the time, but it will be worth it. Set up a blog and publish your work. It’s great when something you do is appreciated not just by your nearest and dearest but by strangers, too. Being creative is stimulating, it helps you stay in shape mentally and it helps you keep in touch with yourself, to feel like you’re still the same person you were before the kids came. You’re not just a mother, a housekeeper and a wife, you’re your own person and doing the creative things you enjoy will help you remember this. You may even discover a new talent, why not?