How Can Honey, Milk, and Eggs Keep You Young?

Everywhere you turn there are skin care regimens to your heart’s desire and available time. Cosmetics has gone a long way, no doubt about it, but with its progress we have started to forget some more traditional and also efficient skin care tips that nature has provided for centuries. There is no need to look further than your own kitchen in search for some of these — common foods like honey, milk and eggs offer a variety of health benefits that can make your skin glow and delay wrinkles.

Stock PhotoLet’s start with honey. Raw honey has been used since time immemorial not just to sweeten foods but also as preservative and even as medicine. The reason is simple: honey has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and, speaking about skin benefits, it has a pH of 4.5 which is within the natural range of healthy pH for our skin. Honey helps in the healing of all sorts of skin irritations and it’s also packed with microelements and minerals that nourish it. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, honey also has another very special quality: it draws moisture to the skin and locks it there, delaying the aging process. As if this is not enough, honey has a toning effect and can lighten spots, scars and hyperpigmentation. Using it is simple: just rub it on your face as a mask, leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Milk is perhaps the one thing that you could find in every fridge. Its direct health benefits for adults may be disputed, but its use as part of a beauty routine has still not come under fire. Raw milk is a great cleanser, for instance. Applied with a cotton pad over the face and neck and allowed to dry before rinsing off, milk will cleanse your skin and also make it softer and even lighten it, because of the essential amino acids it contains (all of those that the human body needs to function normally) and because of lactic acid, which acts as a mild bleach. Mixed with honey and lemon juice, milk makes for a perfect nourishing mask that also has a whitening effect.

Speaking of essential amino acids, eggs are a real treasure, not just for internal consumption, but also for your skin’s best health. The egg yolk contains a variety of vitaminsEggs closeup that prevent aging, including part of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A plus solid amounts of B-group vitamins and vitamin E, all of which are essential in keeping the skin cells (and any other cells in our body) healthy and young for a longer time. Use the yolk as a mask, allowing it to dry after application, then rinsing it and following with the white, beaten into foam for easier application. The egg white has a tightening quality, shrinking open pores and it is, like the yolk, rich in vitamin A, which helps smooth the fine lines that are the first signs of aging skin. The whites also contain collagen, the element that makes our skin smooth and supple.   Adding these tips to your daily or just weekly beauty routine will reinforce what you’re already doing for your skin with patented cosmetics, or, if you are so inclined, you could entirely replace those cosmetics with natural means; they don’t smell as good and they don’t combine so many ingredients, but they have a similar effect. After all, they’ve been used for ages and there’s a reason they have survived to this day.