Gender Discrimination — Not Just A Women’s Issue

Posted by on May, 6, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, Views and Insights

What Is Gender Discrimination? There’s been much talk about the glass ceiling and how to break it but the glass ceiling is just one facet of gender discrimination at the workplace. The pay gap between men and women is another aspect of it, as is refusing to hire a woman for a position based on stereotypes such as that a woman would not be as willing as a man to work long hours, because she would be too preoccupied with her family. What’s...

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Millenials and Gender Equality

Posted by on March, 19, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, Millenials, Views and Insights, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

How The Millennial Mindframe Advances Gender Equality “The Millennials Are Coming” could be the title of the next huge bestseller/blockbuster. Millennials are a hot topic, they are a serious disruptive force in an environment where disruption is coming to be identified as the best way to make progress — in business, in science, or in education. Disruption here means, put quite simply, a radical change in how something is done, leading to...

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What Is Preventing Women from Getting Ahead in the Workplace?

Posted by on March, 5, 2014 in Career Development, Discrimination, Gender Gap, Views and Insights, Working Moms

Career Development Issues Facing Women Women in full or part-time employment in the US represented almost 58% of the total female population of working age in 2012, according to figures from the Department of Labor. For men, this ratio was a bit above 70%. While it’s true that many women choose to stay at home voluntarily, focusing on family rather than career because of lack of economic pressure and no desire for career development, for many...

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The Glass Ceiling – Break It or leave It

Posted by on February, 21, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, WEI, Working Moms

The Glass Ceiling The gender gap seems to be closing fast in developed countries or so it looks on the surface. Figures from the latest Global Gender Gap Report say that the situation is still somewhat fluid, with the United States dropping to 23rd place out of 136 countries, from 22nd last year. Another thing these figures show is that the glass ceiling, or perceptions of it, seem to be still in place, but the reasons are anybody’s guess. The...

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Gender Discrimination

Posted by on February, 5, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, WEI

The Many Faces of Gender Discrimination It’s sad that although we believe we live in a world of greater equality than our grandparents ever thought possible, although gender-based discrimination has been made illegal all over the developed world, there are still discriminatory practices at the workplace and they are not restricted to pay disparity or unwanted sexual advances. Let’s review the shapes that gender discrimination can take and what...

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Gender Discrimination Remains Prevalent

Posted by on November, 12, 2013 in Discrimination, WEI

“The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.” It is wonderful to think that somewhere out there, there is a piece of paper that prevents my boss from seeing me as inferior because of my lady parts. How comforting that this statute ensures total equality…and just in case the...

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