Gender Discrimination — Not Just A Women’s Issue

Posted by on May, 6, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, Views and Insights

What Is Gender Discrimination? There’s been much talk about the glass ceiling and how to break it but the glass ceiling is just one facet of gender discrimination at the workplace. The pay gap between men and women is another aspect of it, as is refusing to hire a woman for a position based on stereotypes such as that a woman would not be as willing as a man to work long hours, because she would be too preoccupied with her family. What’s...

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Career Women in Male Territory

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Career Development, Gender Gap, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

The New Wave Of Career Women – Making Inroads Into Male Territory Forbes’s latest Midas list, the list of the top 100 venture capitalists investing in technology startups, featured just four women. That’s right, 4% of the top 100 were women. One of them, Theresia Gouw, co-founder of venture capital firm Aspect Ventures, said it was frustrating to see so few women in the field of venture capital and even worse to see their already small...

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Stress: Women vs. Men

Posted by on April, 8, 2014 in Gender Gap, Stress, WEI, Working Moms

Women May Be Better Than Men At Stressful Jobs Despite all talk about gender equality, we know that men and women differ on a purely physical level which makes one gender or the other more suited for particular tasks. Men, for instance, have more muscle tissue, bigger lungs and bigger hearts, which makes them better suited than women in general for work requiring physical exertion. They are also said to be better at spatial orientation, while...

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Millenials and Gender Equality

Posted by on March, 19, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, Millenials, Views and Insights, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

How The Millennial Mindframe Advances Gender Equality “The Millennials Are Coming” could be the title of the next huge bestseller/blockbuster. Millennials are a hot topic, they are a serious disruptive force in an environment where disruption is coming to be identified as the best way to make progress — in business, in science, or in education. Disruption here means, put quite simply, a radical change in how something is done, leading to...

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Stay-at-Home Dads

Posted by on March, 18, 2014 in Gender Gap, Personal Development, WEI, Working Moms

It Takes Two To Parent The hardships of motherhood have been getting a lot of attention in the past few decades but more recently, with the evolution of attitudes about gender equality, the truth that both parents are equally important and that there are no longer clear-cut, gender-specific responsibilities at home has started to emerge. It’s not the 1950s anymore, and just as mothers are free to pursue an active career, fathers can choose to...

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Just Say No!

Posted by on March, 17, 2014 in Gender Gap, Personal Development, Views and Insights, Working Moms

Is the Inability to Say “No” Hurting You? The Center for Disease Control reports that 16% of women between the ages of 18 to 44 complain of feeling “very tired” and “exhausted” most days while only 9% of men within the same age range report the same. The report didn’t investigate the reasons behind these feelings, so we can only make our best guess as to why women feel more over-tired than men. Are we shouldering more than our fair share of...

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