Why Are Women-Led Businesses More Successful?

Posted by on June, 15, 2015 in Glass Ceiling, Leadership, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

Women-Led Businesses vs. Men-Led Businesses A host of scientific research has demonstrated that business enterprises led by women tend to perform better and drive fatter bottom lines than companies with men at the helm. One of the biggest and the one that first revealed the so-called “woman effect”, was McKinsey’s “Women Matter” report which found a positive correlation between the number of women of a company’s management team and its...

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2014 Looks Positive for Women-Owned Businesses

Posted by on March, 17, 2014 in Glass Ceiling, Leadership, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

New Survey Reports that Women Business Owners are Bullish in 2014 The second-annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, compiled by Web.com and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), is out and women business owners have positive things to say about their outlook on 2014. Over 600 women business owners (WBO) were surveyed, and they had positive things to say about this year and their female entrepreneurial colleagues....

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Gender Gap vs. Motherhood Gap

Posted by on December, 10, 2013 in Gender Gap, Glass Ceiling, Working Moms

The Gender Gap Glass Ceiling In today’s society, when referring to the “gender gap” Americans are commonly thinking of any actual or perceived discrimination or differentiation of wages or benefits between men and women in the workplace. These differences between genders are relative to salary and job duties across all occupations, and may vary depending on geographical location or economic industry. This gender gap discrimination topic has...

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Does the Glass Ceiling Really Exist?

Posted by on November, 7, 2013 in Glass Ceiling, Views and Insights

To See or Not To See the Glass Ceiling: That is the Question For every woman or minority who has entered the professional workplace, particularly in a corporate setting, the phrase ‘glass ceiling’ is a commonly acknowledged part of her career. By definition, the glass ceiling is an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, esp. affecting women and members of minorities. When people debate the topic of equality in the...

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Glass Ceiling

Posted by on September, 23, 2013 in Glass Ceiling, WEI

So, you banged your head again, huh? You spent x amount of years dedicated to a company that promoted some young, inexperienced man over you and your impressive portfolio. You’re not alone. We’ve known about the achievement gaps between men and women since Adam was credited for Eve’s creation. Even those woman who get exactly the right breaks at exactly the right time end up hitting a wall (or ceiling) in their career. The glass ceiling is...

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