6 Steps to Develop Trust at Work

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Team Building, Trust, WEI

Trust at Work — Why It’s Essential Trust is the basis of all relationships and although perhaps most of us would first think about personal relationships and the importance of trust in them, work is also about relationships and trust is equally important at the office. Think about it, if you can trust your co-workers and your boss, or your team if you’re a team leader or manager, work will go much more smoothly than if everyone is...

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5 Tips To Increase Your Job Satisfaction

Posted by on May, 27, 2015 in Job Satisfaction, WEI

Are You Happy With Your Job? Hardly anyone would disagree that the perfect job is something that you love doing, that you’re good at and that pays well, but we aren’t all so lucky all the time. In other words, many of us are or have been in jobs that don’t exactly fit into our idea of a dream job but that could still be satisfying if we know how to make the best of the situation. Here are four things to consider if you want to be more satisfied...

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What To Do When You Get There

Posted by on May, 8, 2014 in Career Development, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, WEI

The First Things To Do On A New Job So, you quit your old job and next week you’re starting at the new place. You’re probably full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to go in there and show them that hiring you was the best thing they ever did. Right? Good for you. But there are some things, some small things that you’d be smart to do in these first few days, to get a feel of the place and become a member of the team. To begin with, get a feel of...

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Need a New Job? Use a New Job Hunting Approach

Posted by on May, 6, 2014 in Job Satisfaction, Networking, WEI

Make Your Job Hunt Successful With A Few Tips In the digital world we live in today, job hunting has become in many ways easier as candidates have access to a huge variety of online platforms for job offers as well as to any company they may be interested in. Getting in touch with a prospective employer now takes just seconds as does sending out resumes to scores of companies. According to a white paper by the Career Thought Leader Consortium...

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Career Women in Male Territory

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Career Development, Gender Gap, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

The New Wave Of Career Women – Making Inroads Into Male Territory Forbes’s latest Midas list, the list of the top 100 venture capitalists investing in technology startups, featured just four women. That’s right, 4% of the top 100 were women. One of them, Theresia Gouw, co-founder of venture capital firm Aspect Ventures, said it was frustrating to see so few women in the field of venture capital and even worse to see their already small...

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Job Satisfaction – What Is In It For Me?

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Job Satisfaction, WEI

Is There a Key to Being Happy with Your Job? A recent survey by the Women’s Empowerment Initiative revealed that job satisfaction tends to be greater for women over the age of 30 compared to that of women between 18 and 29. It also found that moms working full-time were happier with their professional life than part-timers. This could mean that we tend to get clearer about what we want to accomplish as professionals as we grow older or this...

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