5 Characteristics of Work Ethics

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Personal Development, WEI, Work Ethic

Good Work Ethic — A Guarantee Of Success What is work ethic? It’s the way someone conducts herself or himself at work, how they interact with others, how punctual they are, how well they do their work and how committed they are. It follows naturally from this short description that a strong work ethic is vital for the success of any enterprise. There isn’t — or at least there shouldn’t be — an employer in the world who doesn’t...

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Do You Embrace Change?

Posted by on June, 2, 2015 in Change, Personal Development, WEI

Change Is What Drives Us Forward We human beings are creatures of habit. As a rule we like things that are important to us to stay the same. We fear the unknown, a fear that has its roots in the dawn of humanity when so many basic things were uncertain, like will there be food tomorrow and what’s that scary sound in the night. But this fear has always clashed with the desire to make life better, to gain knowledge, to progress. And progress, any...

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Are You Empowered?

Posted by on June, 2, 2015 in Empowerment, Personal Development, Views and Insights

What is Empowerment All About? Empowerment is a major buzzword and has been for quite a while. But what is empowerment? It is a term so widely used that its actual definition and what it entails has become somewhat hazy and subject to various interpretations. But let’s look at one such definition, formulated by a couple of researchers and empowerment activists, Nanette Page and Cheryl E. Czuba. According to them, empowerment is a multifaceted...

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Do Men and Women Define Success Differently?

Posted by on May, 28, 2015 in Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights

Success — It’s Different for Women You thought so, isn’t that what you’re telling yourself? That of course the definition of success is different for men and women. However, according to statistical research, the difference is a surprising one: Men are the ones for whom success is more about having a family not about having money. That goes against all gender stereotypes and reflects how radically things have changed over the last few...

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Change is a Constant

Posted by on May, 13, 2015 in Change, Personal Development, WEI

Workplace Change — Survive It And Thrive Change can be something we crave or something we dread but even when we crave it, there is the fear of the unknown lurking in the background. People are creatures of habit and as such we inherently distrust changes. At the same time, however, we know that change is often for the best, pick up the courage and do it. But what about work? Employees are not usually the ones initiating change but they...

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Do You Multi-task?

Posted by on May, 13, 2015 in Personal Development, WEI, Working Moms

Is Multitasking Worth All The Attention? It has been hot for quite a while and women have been especially proud that they seem to be better at multitasking than men. But is what we call multitasking really multitasking? Disheartening as it may appear to those proud of their multitasking abilities — no. Scientifically speaking, multitasking involves doing several things at once AND doing them as well as you would if you were doing them on...

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