Four Tips to Make Your Resolutions Successful

Posted by on January, 7, 2014 in Personal Development, Resilience, Stress, Views and Insights

Living with New Year’s Resolutions There seem to be two camps when it comes to making New Year Resolutions. There are those of us who make resolutions each year regardless of our belief that we’ll succeed or fail. Then there are others who refuse to make even one resolution, because they’re absolutely certain they’ll never be able to stick to it for an entire twelve months. The prevailing opinion is, why bother? Whether you love or loathe...

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Taking Time to Find Quality Time

Posted by on December, 18, 2013 in Personal Development, Resilience, Views and Insights

The Stress of the Holidays It’s that time of the year again when it’s nothing but holiday cheer as far as the eye can see. Everyone seems to be bustling, and chances are that your To Do List has grown to epic proportions in an attempt to keep up with everything going on around you. There are parties to attend and host, gifts to give, and cards to send. Have you considered your New Year’s Resolutions yet? You’re laughing, aren’t you. However,...

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Shop for the Holidays Without Draining Your Wallet

Posted by on December, 18, 2013 in Personal Development, Resilience, WEI

Holiday Shopping For those of us who love shopping more than anything else, the holiday season is a blessing. Not so much if we have to do it on a budget, however, and most of us indeed have to restrict ourselves to a certain amount of money to avoid piling up debt. Especially if you have a big family and many friends whom you want to make happy for the holidays, gift shopping can turn from a blessing into a curse. Fortunately, there are a few...

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Eileen McDargh Resiliency: A Radical Redefining for Turbulent Times

Posted by on November, 16, 2013 in Personal Development, Resilience

Resiliency: A Radical Redefining For Turbulent Times by Eileen McDargh, a Hall of Fame speaker, business consultant and top thought-leader in leadership. Consider some events of this decade: The stock market gyrates with unpredictable and heartburning results. Icons of solid companies become straw figures before balance sheets. Children are abducted from their front yards and networks of terrorists spiral throughout the world. Religious...

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