Tips for Stress Management

Posted by on June, 3, 2014 in Personal Development, Stress, WEI

How To Keep Stress In Check Who isn’t stressed these days? Deadlines at work, traffic jams, chores at home and these are just the most trivial of examples. Stressors in our everyday life are numerous and varied but their effects on our health and peace of mind are invariably negative. Chronic stress can cause physical reactions such as pain in the chest, headache, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and other unpleasantries and it could...

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How to Cope With Workplace Anxiety

Posted by on May, 28, 2014 in Personal Development, Stress, WEI

Facing Your Fears Calms Workplace Anxiety Work-related anxiety is something of an epidemic these days and with women being 60% more likely than men to develop some kind of anxiety disorder, according to psychotherapy experts, we are also more vulnerable to this particular spectrum of anxieties. Although it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about particular work situations, letting the anxiety get out of control is when things become problematic....

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Stress: Women vs. Men

Posted by on April, 8, 2014 in Gender Gap, Stress, WEI, Working Moms

Women May Be Better Than Men At Stressful Jobs Despite all talk about gender equality, we know that men and women differ on a purely physical level which makes one gender or the other more suited for particular tasks. Men, for instance, have more muscle tissue, bigger lungs and bigger hearts, which makes them better suited than women in general for work requiring physical exertion. They are also said to be better at spatial orientation, while...

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Working Mother and Her Guilt

Posted by on April, 6, 2014 in Home, Parenting, Personal Development, Stress, Views and Insights, Working Moms

Almost every working mother strives to attain some sort of balance between her career and her family. Many women today choose to focus on their careers rather than staying home to raise their children, but the myth of ‘having it all’ is ever-present in our society. This belief that a woman, or anyone for that matter, can succeed professionally while being the perfect parent exerts a lot of pressure and ultimately sets us up for failure. Society...

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