Why Are Women-Led Businesses More Successful?

Posted by on June, 15, 2015 in Glass Ceiling, Leadership, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

Women-Led Businesses vs. Men-Led Businesses A host of scientific research has demonstrated that business enterprises led by women tend to perform better and drive fatter bottom lines than companies with men at the helm. One of the biggest and the one that first revealed the so-called “woman effect”, was McKinsey’s “Women Matter” report which found a positive correlation between the number of women of a company’s management team and its...

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Do Men and Women Define Success Differently?

Posted by on May, 28, 2015 in Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights

Success — It’s Different for Women You thought so, isn’t that what you’re telling yourself? That of course the definition of success is different for men and women. However, according to statistical research, the difference is a surprising one: Men are the ones for whom success is more about having a family not about having money. That goes against all gender stereotypes and reflects how radically things have changed over the last few...

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How to Leverage Your Emotional Intelligence

Posted by on May, 12, 2014 in Career Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Success, WEI

Emotional Intelligence – Women’s Not So Secret Weapon A recently released study by an academic from Virginia Commonwealth University revealed that, surprisingly or not, it’s not skills, experience or IQ that is the most important factor for career success. The most important factor, it turns out, is emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive other people’s emotions and interpret them correctly, to control your own emotions and use...

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Is Freelancing for You?

Posted by on May, 8, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Networking, Personal Development, Success, Time Management, Views and Insights

The Perks Of Being A Freelancer Freelancing has become one of the major buzzwords in the world of work in the past few years as technology has made it possible for more and more people to work from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they like. Statistics from 2006 by the Government Accountability Office showed that as much as 30% of the U.S. workforce, or 42.6 million people, worked as some sort of freelancer. By 2020, estimates peg the...

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What To Do When You Get There

Posted by on May, 8, 2014 in Career Development, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, WEI

The First Things To Do On A New Job So, you quit your old job and next week you’re starting at the new place. You’re probably full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to go in there and show them that hiring you was the best thing they ever did. Right? Good for you. But there are some things, some small things that you’d be smart to do in these first few days, to get a feel of the place and become a member of the team. To begin with, get a feel of...

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Career Women in Male Territory

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Career Development, Gender Gap, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

The New Wave Of Career Women – Making Inroads Into Male Territory Forbes’s latest Midas list, the list of the top 100 venture capitalists investing in technology startups, featured just four women. That’s right, 4% of the top 100 were women. One of them, Theresia Gouw, co-founder of venture capital firm Aspect Ventures, said it was frustrating to see so few women in the field of venture capital and even worse to see their already small...

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