Is Freelancing for You?

Posted by on May, 8, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Networking, Personal Development, Success, Time Management, Views and Insights

The Perks Of Being A Freelancer Freelancing has become one of the major buzzwords in the world of work in the past few years as technology has made it possible for more and more people to work from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they like. Statistics from 2006 by the Government Accountability Office showed that as much as 30% of the U.S. workforce, or 42.6 million people, worked as some sort of freelancer. By 2020, estimates peg the...

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Time Management Tips

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Personal Development, Time Management, WEI, Work-Life Balance

Tips To Manage Your Time Better We’re hearing about how to best balance our personal life with our career, how to curb the necessary sacrifices to the minimum, how to be more productive, more relaxed and less stressed. So, can we do it all and have it all? If you’re set on it, why not. It takes a bit of effort, but organizing your time could help you greatly to achieve this much longed for balance. Make lists Shopping lists, to-do lists, weekly...

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5 Musts to Make the Most of Your Job

Posted by on March, 27, 2014 in Career Development, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, Time Management, Views and Insights

How to Make the Most of Your Job When it comes to career advice, the Internet is overflowing with it. From advice about what to wear to an interview to guarantee you make a great impression, to tips about how to juggle responsibilities and put to use your maximum productive capacity, you name it. And offline every reasonably successful climber on the career ladder will have their own success musts. It’s hard to summarize all this information...

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Opting Out and then Opting In

Posted by on February, 10, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Networking, Stress, Time Management, Views and Insights, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

Returning to Work After a Pause: The Challenges Rejoining the workforce after taking some time off is, regardless of the reasons, an experience both exciting and stressful, and this is especially true for mothers who have put their career on hold while they raise their kids. Whether a mother goes back to work immediately after her maternity leave ends or chooses to stay at home for a few years while the child or children grow up a bit more, the...

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Time Management at Home

Posted by on January, 10, 2014 in Personal Development, Time Management, WEI

The Way  to Managing Your Time at Home Finding time for all the house chores when you’re a working woman can be a heck of a job. There may come a moment when you start feeling you just can’t cope with everything and let yourself go with the flow, gnawed by frustration that you’re not good enough to combine a career with good housekeeping. That’s only normal and comes from the traditional stereotype of women as housekeepers, which seems to be a...

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Mini How-to-Guide for Time Management at Work

Posted by on January, 9, 2014 in Time Management, WEI

Time Management at Work Do you often feel tired, nervous and feeling you seriously need an extra couple of hours in the day to get all your work done? If you do, then you’re probably having trouble with efficient time management. You’re not alone in this. Our days are becoming more and more hectic all the time, there’s always so much to do, but our capacity is, unfortunately, limited and it’s wise to make the best possible use of it without the...

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