6 Steps to Develop Trust at Work

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Team Building, Trust, WEI

Trust at Work — Why It’s Essential Trust is the basis of all relationships and although perhaps most of us would first think about personal relationships and the importance of trust in them, work is also about relationships and trust is equally important at the office. Think about it, if you can trust your co-workers and your boss, or your team if you’re a team leader or manager, work will go much more smoothly than if everyone is...

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3 Top Qualities of a Good Manager

Posted by on January, 27, 2014 in Communication, Leadership, Success, Trust, WEI

What Makes a Good Manager   If you are a manager, you probably know it’s not an easy job, and if you work in a team with a manager at the top you may wonder if that manager is a good one or not. Either way, a quick review of the main qualities that make for a good manager could give you a clearer picture of what to build on, if you’re one, or what to expect from your manager. Without question, the central skill a good manager has is being...

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