Networking Shouldn’t Stop Once You Get the Job

Posted by on August, 15, 2015 in Communication, Networking, WEI

Networking is an Ongoing Endeavor Networking is an essential part of a job hunt. It gives you exposure to many more potential employers and is a much better targeted approach than just sending resumes in bulk to every company in your field of expertise. But networking is not just a job-hunting tactic, it’s also part of successful career development. Networking, whether through social gatherings organized specifically for that purpose or through...

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6 Steps to Develop Trust at Work

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Team Building, Trust, WEI

Trust at Work — Why It’s Essential Trust is the basis of all relationships and although perhaps most of us would first think about personal relationships and the importance of trust in them, work is also about relationships and trust is equally important at the office. Think about it, if you can trust your co-workers and your boss, or your team if you’re a team leader or manager, work will go much more smoothly than if everyone is...

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5 Characteristics of Work Ethics

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Personal Development, WEI, Work Ethic

Good Work Ethic — A Guarantee Of Success What is work ethic? It’s the way someone conducts herself or himself at work, how they interact with others, how punctual they are, how well they do their work and how committed they are. It follows naturally from this short description that a strong work ethic is vital for the success of any enterprise. There isn’t — or at least there shouldn’t be — an employer in the world who doesn’t...

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Do You Embrace Change?

Posted by on June, 2, 2015 in Change, Personal Development, WEI

Change Is What Drives Us Forward We human beings are creatures of habit. As a rule we like things that are important to us to stay the same. We fear the unknown, a fear that has its roots in the dawn of humanity when so many basic things were uncertain, like will there be food tomorrow and what’s that scary sound in the night. But this fear has always clashed with the desire to make life better, to gain knowledge, to progress. And progress, any...

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Posted by on May, 27, 2015 in WEI, Women Entrepreneurs, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

How Being a Mother Fosters Entrepreneurship Women-owned businesses rose by a striking 59% in the period between 1997 and 2013, while the overall number of companies went up by a more modest 41%, according to figures from American Express OPEN. The increase has been attributed, among other things, to the Great Recession and tech advancements that have made it much easier to start a company. There’s a third factor, however, that’s no less...

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5 Tips To Increase Your Job Satisfaction

Posted by on May, 27, 2015 in Job Satisfaction, WEI

Are You Happy With Your Job? Hardly anyone would disagree that the perfect job is something that you love doing, that you’re good at and that pays well, but we aren’t all so lucky all the time. In other words, many of us are or have been in jobs that don’t exactly fit into our idea of a dream job but that could still be satisfying if we know how to make the best of the situation. Here are four things to consider if you want to be more satisfied...

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