Why Are Women-Led Businesses More Successful?

Posted by on June, 15, 2015 in Glass Ceiling, Leadership, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

Women-Led Businesses vs. Men-Led Businesses A host of scientific research has demonstrated that business enterprises led by women tend to perform better and drive fatter bottom lines than companies with men at the helm. One of the biggest and the one that first revealed the so-called “woman effect”, was McKinsey’s “Women Matter” report which found a positive correlation between the number of women of a company’s management team and its...

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Posted by on May, 27, 2015 in WEI, Women Entrepreneurs, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

How Being a Mother Fosters Entrepreneurship Women-owned businesses rose by a striking 59% in the period between 1997 and 2013, while the overall number of companies went up by a more modest 41%, according to figures from American Express OPEN. The increase has been attributed, among other things, to the Great Recession and tech advancements that have made it much easier to start a company. There’s a third factor, however, that’s no less...

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

Posted by on May, 6, 2014 in WEI, Women Entrepreneurs

We Are All Entrepreneurs There used to be a time when entrepreneurship was considered a path to follow after you reach a certain age, after you’ve tried your hand at working for someone else and then, finding that you have the right idea and mental and material means to realize it, starting your own business. Today, the concept of entrepreneurship has become much wider. Everyone can be an entrepreneur and you don’t even have to start up a...

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Career Women in Male Territory

Posted by on April, 24, 2014 in Career Development, Gender Gap, Job Satisfaction, Personal Development, Success, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

The New Wave Of Career Women – Making Inroads Into Male Territory Forbes’s latest Midas list, the list of the top 100 venture capitalists investing in technology startups, featured just four women. That’s right, 4% of the top 100 were women. One of them, Theresia Gouw, co-founder of venture capital firm Aspect Ventures, said it was frustrating to see so few women in the field of venture capital and even worse to see their already small...

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The Millenials at Work

Posted by on March, 25, 2014 in Millenials, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance

One Generation Is Transforming The Work Landscape — The Millennials The way work is done today is very different from how it was done, say, thirty, or even twenty, years ago. The changes are not yet ubiquitous, but the future is coming fast and they will start to be felt by more and more business organizations soon. Among the factors that are bringing about these changes to the workplace and the nature of work itself is the generation...

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2014 Looks Positive for Women-Owned Businesses

Posted by on March, 17, 2014 in Glass Ceiling, Leadership, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs

New Survey Reports that Women Business Owners are Bullish in 2014 The second-annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, compiled by Web.com and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), is out and women business owners have positive things to say about their outlook on 2014. Over 600 women business owners (WBO) were surveyed, and they had positive things to say about this year and their female entrepreneurial colleagues....

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