How Are Women Faring in the Present Day Military?

Posted by on November, 13, 2013 in Views and Insights, Women in the Military

In order to get a proper look at women in the military in the present, we’re going to look at one particular military. We’re going to start with the U.S. military. And, just so we can get right down to the nitty-gritty, we’ll look at the women in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). I have a very special affinity for the Marine Corps! The USMC has the least women of the U.S. military services—women are only 6.8% of the USMC compared to 20% of...

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Women in the Military

Posted by on November, 6, 2013 in Views and Insights, Women in the Military

Women in the Military Part 1: History   Until recent history, women in the army—any army—would have been an anomaly. Sure there’s the ballad of Mulan, which Disney made a fine movie out of (one of my favorites!) and everyone knows about Joan of Arc. But there was nothing common or normal about a woman fighting in battle. Whenever there were women on the battlefield it was generally out of desperation, as during the U.S. Civil War when...

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