5 Characteristics of Work Ethics

Posted by on June, 3, 2015 in Personal Development, WEI, Work Ethic

Good Work Ethic — A Guarantee Of Success What is work ethic? It’s the way someone conducts herself or himself at work, how they interact with others, how punctual they are, how well they do their work and how committed they are. It follows naturally from this short description that a strong work ethic is vital for the success of any enterprise. There isn’t — or at least there shouldn’t be — an employer in the world who doesn’t...

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The Millenials at Work

Posted by on March, 25, 2014 in Millenials, Views and Insights, Women Entrepreneurs, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance

One Generation Is Transforming The Work Landscape — The Millennials The way work is done today is very different from how it was done, say, thirty, or even twenty, years ago. The changes are not yet ubiquitous, but the future is coming fast and they will start to be felt by more and more business organizations soon. Among the factors that are bringing about these changes to the workplace and the nature of work itself is the generation...

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Millenials and Gender Equality

Posted by on March, 19, 2014 in Discrimination, Gender Gap, Millenials, Views and Insights, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

How The Millennial Mindframe Advances Gender Equality “The Millennials Are Coming” could be the title of the next huge bestseller/blockbuster. Millennials are a hot topic, they are a serious disruptive force in an environment where disruption is coming to be identified as the best way to make progress — in business, in science, or in education. Disruption here means, put quite simply, a radical change in how something is done, leading to...

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Opting Out and then Opting In

Posted by on February, 10, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Networking, Stress, Time Management, Views and Insights, Work Ethic, Work-Life Balance, Working Moms

Returning to Work After a Pause: The Challenges Rejoining the workforce after taking some time off is, regardless of the reasons, an experience both exciting and stressful, and this is especially true for mothers who have put their career on hold while they raise their kids. Whether a mother goes back to work immediately after her maternity leave ends or chooses to stay at home for a few years while the child or children grow up a bit more, the...

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Will A New Year Bring a New Job?

Posted by on February, 3, 2014 in Career Development, Job Satisfaction, Networking, Views and Insights, Work Ethic

How To Fire Up Your Job Search in 2014 It’s a brand new year, and you’re probably entering it equipped with a list of brand new resolutions for your career. Finding your ideal job may be your top priority, but if you’re like many other job seekers in 2014, it may have been a long time since your last search. Never fear! Here are three tips to make certain that your search is firing on all cylinders and targeting the perfect job that’s right for...

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Be Careful Looking for Greener Pastures

Posted by on January, 21, 2014 in Career Development, Change, Job Satisfaction, Networking, Views and Insights, Work Ethic

January can be a time for fresh beginnings, and for your career, it may be time to look for greener pastures. There’s a right way to do it and a wrong way, because the last thing you want to do is to begin looking and accidentally lose your current position. It’s possible to be an ethical job hunter while keeping your current position. Here’s how: 1. Privacy is Everything – Privacy starts in the office. This means don’t tell everyone that...

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