How A Change Of Focus Can Breed Success

changes signMost of us would readily admit they have some habits that are preventing them from being as successful as they should be, be it in their career or in something as personal as being fit. These habits don’t necessarily have to be bad, oftentimes they are just the consequence of our personal make-up. For instance, you may be determined to go to the gym five times a week in order to be fitter and you force yourself to get up early and go, all the time feeling anything but happy. Or you want to spend a whole day working on an important project to get a promotion you think is due, but you just can’t force yourself to stay away from regularly checking your email and social network account and you hate yourself for it. This, according to time coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders, is not the smartest way to do things.

The main thing is to stop trying to change your habits in a way that makes you miserable. Getting fit at the expense of much needed sleep and the resulting irritability, to say the least, is not worth the effort. Knowing that while you work on that project your attention will be constantly diverted by thoughts about not having checked your email or Facebook timeline won’t do much about your productivity. So, why not go for a more acceptable way of achieving the goals you’ve set yourself? Consider alternatives that you would be happier with and such ones that will not make you feel like you’re punishing yourself. You would know you’re doing something wrong if even after a considerable period of strenuous effort doing the things you are determined to do remains as difficult and ungratifying as when you started. So, after a month of misery getting up at 5am to go to the gym, consider some alternatives, because you can be certain that this tactic is not working for you.

There are no universal tactics, that’s something you should remember and then think about the option that would be best for you personally in achieving the goal you have set yourself. Why get up early if you’re an owl and your energy levels are at their highest in the afternoon and evening? Conversely, if you’re a lark, why not give up the torture of exercising after work and opt instead for the early morning alternative? You certainly know yourself well enough to be clear about when you are at your most productive, after all. The same applies to setting the time limits for that important project that’s bugging you. If you simply know that you can’t spend a whole eight-hour day working on the same stuff, then set yourself a time period with which you’d feel happy – maybe a couple of hours today, and another couple tomorrow until the end of the week. Or maybe four hours today and four hours tomorrow, take your pick, keeping the goal on the top of your mind.

You may get lucky and the first change you make could prove to be the last because you’re fine with this new way of doing things, but be ready to try out different alternatives until you find the one that fits with your energy cycle and mindset. It will definitely be worth the effort and the effort itself won’t be so great. The key to success is doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do. Focusing on the goal you want to achieve, rather than on the tactics, is the thing that will motivate you to choose the best path that will get you there.