A Look at Where the Jobs Are

Help Wanted concept on a post-it note isolated on whiteAlthough the unemployment rate in January dipped to 6.6%, the US only added 113,000 jobs. This fueled fears that recovery in the jobs market has stalled once again. The disappointing news from the US Department of Labor was a follow-up to the lackluster 74,000 jobs added in December. This gives the overall picture that the jobs market is stagnant, but never fear, people are still hiring. In fact, the following five areas are looking for women in particular.

Education – Yes, there are teacher layoffs, and yes, budgets are tight in education. However, experts predict a net job gain in the field of education. The job search website Indeed.com reports that they’ve seen a 37% increase in education related postings. All schools, regardless of whether they’re public or private, Ivy League or state funded universities, need support staff and administration. Depending on the size of the school, they may need a sizeable staff to keep everything running. Typically there are summers off and are considered family friendly. This can be a great field for working mothers.

Online Marketing – Everyone’s doing it, but that doesn’t mean that companies understand how to use online marketing in targeted and effective ways. That’s why they need people like you who know the difference between Tweeting and a Facebook post. This position can often be worked from home, but don’t assume this is an easy position because of the number of baby pics you like to post. Your company will expect results and will want to see a correlation between your voice representing them on social media and their sales or improved customer service. In other words, know your online marketing stuff.

Temporary Work – Many people see it as a bad sign for the economy that temporary jobs are on the rise. In fact according to the American Staffing Association, temporary jobs have increased by 25%. Temporary work is a great option for companies that couldn’t afford a full-time employee with benefits which makes it the perfect fit for someone who needs a flexible schedule. Temporary staffing is a wonderful option for seniors who have retired yet aren’t ready to give up work altogether, and moms who left their careers to start a family and now want to re-enter the workforce.

Customer Service – Five years ago the news was littered with reports of corporations all over the U.S. moving their call centers overseas. There appeared to be a mass exodus for the allure of inexpensive foreign labor. Nowadays, many of those same companies are pulling their customer service back to the U.S. If you’re bilingual, this can be a particularly lucrative career path, and many times you can work from home answering calls and assisting customers in need.

Manufacturing – You may think Rosie the Riveter when you think of manufacturing, but the face of manufacturing has changed drastically since then. The truth is that the U.S. lacks high-skilled job applicants in manufacturing. As with customer service, much of the work has moved overseas yet manufacturers are making efforts to attract skilled women with flexible schedules and high pay.



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