Why A Greener Life Is Good For You

The global drive toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle has hardly passed anyone by. We’re constantly hearing from all directions about climate change, about how recycling and reusing, cutting your carbon print and saving energy is the ethical thing to do and all these things are true. There are also two other very obvious benefits of a greener life, health and economy, and neither should be underestimated. After all, we all like to be healthy and most of us would be happy to save some money. The best thing about it all is that it doesn’t take so much effort.

The health and economic benefits of going green often go hand in hand. To begin with, switching from driving to cycling or walking whenever possible will make you fitter and will save you money, from gasoline and from going to the gym. Of course, that’s not an option for those with bodybuilding ambitions but for the rest of us, going for our daily grocery shopping at the nearest supermarket on foot or on a bicycle brings us one step closer to staying in good shape. If you’re lucky to work near enough to your house you can also go to work on foot or cycle there. A walk in the morning could provide a great energy boost to last through the day. Alternatively, if your work is far from your home, you could carpool with a neighbor or a co-worker, or ride on the public transport. This won’t do wonders for your body but it will save you the hassle of traffic jams and the hard concentration required when you drive. Just think about the annoyance you’ll avoid if you don’t have to constantly keep your eyes on the road and contend with reckless drivers. You know, it’s not just our bodies that we need to take care of, it’s our nerves as well.

OreganoThere are also a lot of green options for the home too. You can grow your own herbs, for example, maybe some vegetables, making sure at least part of the food you eat is free of whatever they pump into industrial agriculture to make fruit and vegetables grow bigger faster. Keeping a little garden doesn’t need too much work or money and the pride of offering your family and friends food that you’ve grown yourself has no parallel. And cleaning? You can make your bathroom shine with a combination of simple vinegar and baking soda. No strong smells, no poisons that your little kid can get to, however careful you may be, and it’s so much cheaper than all those branded detergents. You can also save on washing by doing a few larger loads over the weekend, rather than small ones every day. Water is becoming an issue in a growing number of states, so be wise and don’t waste it. Also, forget you have a tumble dryer and hang your clothes outside — the smell of fresh air on washed clothes is so great and your electricity bill will get a bit slimmer.

Last but not least, using natural cosmetics that you make yourself is one more thing that will only bring you benefits. Many of the herbs that can be grown in any garden make for wonderful face masks or rinses if made into tea. Your kitchen is also full of stuff you can use for smoother skin and thicker hair. Egg yolks, for instance, work wonders on the face and on the hair. Olive oil, honey, fruit, milk and yogurt are also great weapons in the beauty arsenal and they are all significantly cheaper and definitely greener than beauty salon treatments. You don’t have to go to excess to be green, but every little step helps — it helps you and it helps the environment.