The Skills That Will Make You Successful in the Future

Business women pushing a button on a touch screen interfaceHave you given any thought recently to how the world we live in is changing? Have you noticed how quickly this change is happening? You probably have and you may have wondered how things will look in ten years. Experts in various fields have been making projections for the future and it seems that on one thing they are unanimous: communications tech and connectivity will be the main features of our future lives and work. Coupled with demographic trends such as the increased longevity of the population both in the developed and developing world, these disruptive factors will in time completely transform the work landscape.

Just think about how things like social networking and instant messaging programs are changing our behavior. Most of us use them so often that we have completely gotten used to being constantly in touch with other people. Add to this smartphones and tablets, and a picture emerges that has every one of us one click away from everyone else. This calls for more flexible thinking and greater adaptability to (as well as knowledge of) different cultures. Transnational has ceased to refer to industrial giants only; today any company can employ people living on the other side of the world if their skills and knowledge fit its goals. Of course, this also means we need to become better at communicating with a great diversity of people and do it in a virtual environment, rather than face to face, so another part of the skill set for the future is excellence at virtual collaboration. Related to this but important in its own right is the practical knowledge of new media channels that are already invading the office. Text is no longer the main thing we need to be able to process in order to be a good professional — all sorts of other visual, auditory and combined forms of information are finding their place in the work environment and making us get familiar with them.

Focusing on tech developments, robots are the coming thing. One thing they will do is provide us with more opportunities to communicate over long distances, turning into our avatars for work purposes and allowing us to take full part in the company’s operations from wherever we are. Another thing robots will do is take over those dull, repetitive, no-imagination tasks that most of us hate. That’s a good thing, but it means that we will need to exploit our creative powers to the fullest as the responsibility about making sense of things and solving problems on hand in the best possible way remains with us. These developments, once again, will call for greater flexibility of the mindframe and better adaptiveness to new phenomena and new environments, as the information technology sector is probably the most dynamically developing industry which has a bearing on work in the broadest sense.

All in all, it’s a good thing that we will live longer in such an interesting era and have the opportunity to shake off long-held stereotypes about how work is done. It’s a rare luck to get to see such major disruptions in the way we think about work and discover new sides to our own personalities that would make us more successful and more fulfilled.