Mind Tricks that Delay Aging

AntioxidantsSeeing the first fine lines on your face in the mirror is often a depressing experience but we all go through it, sooner or later. Those dedicated to taking care of their appearance will see them later, those who don’t really care will get to meet them sooner, but aging, both physical and mental, is an unavoidable fact of life. There are scores of cosmetic treatments to help you put wrinkles and saggy skin off but here you can get some ideas about how to cope with the thought of passing time mentally, something that can also help put off wrinkles. A couple of adjustments to reduce the stress in everyday life, a bit of laughter and a good night’s sleep are among the little things you can do for yourself in this respect.

Modern life has made many things easier for us but with this it has also created new sources of stress. Just think about being constantly connected to everyone who might need you for something through your smartphone. That’s stressing, even if we are not constantly aware of it. And what about social networks? Don’t you get a bit nervy if you haven’t checked your account all day? That’s stress, too. If none of this applies to you, then skip this paragraph. If it does, you might consider turning off the phone and — taking a deep breath — forgetting about your social network accounts for a while, just to see how it goes. Read a book, instead, watch a movie, or indulge in a relaxation procedure of your choice. Stress is a friend of wrinkles and it can make you seriously ill, so take care of yourself and eliminate all the stressors you can.

Accepting the fact of aging is another smart tactic. Face it, whatever you do, you can only delay the process, not stop it. There is no drama in this, growing old is just a continuation of growing up. Accepting the things that you can’t change brings peace of mind and peace of mind smooths out the lines. This holds true for even the smallest things. So the child broke your favorite coffee cup and you feel miserable. Stop feeling miserable, there’s nothing you can do and at least the child didn’t get hurt. Besides, it would’ve broken sooner or later, you know, ceramics and all that. Prioritize your worries, don’t just worry about everything.

Laugh. Laugh at everything you can. Laughter makes lines, that’s true, but, somehow, laughter lines are not so depressing. You probably know that if you have them. Laughing actually has plenty of real health benefits. Even the most dramatic situations can be seen from a humorous perspective and this humorous perspective will make your life better. Watch a comedy, read a funny essay or a book, engage your sense of humor in whatever way you like, stop worrying for a little while. After that, go to bed early, forget about all the chores that need doing. Sleep has become a precious commodity for many of us these days, to such an extent that we have gotten used to being deprived of it. Be selfish once in a while and sleep late on a Saturday — beauty sleep is called this for a good reason.