Tips To Manage Your Time Better

kitchen timerWe’re hearing about how to best balance our personal life with our career, how to curb the necessary sacrifices to the minimum, how to be more productive, more relaxed and less stressed. So, can we do it all and have it all? If you’re set on it, why not. It takes a bit of effort, but organizing your time could help you greatly to achieve this much longed for balance.

Make lists

Shopping lists, to-do lists, weekly menus, reminder lists, anything that needs doing can be written down. Making lists would give you a better sense of purpose and help you focus on doing things. It will also make you feel more organized and, if you have a thousand things to do every day, it will, of course, aid your memory.


Most important tasks first, least important last. And no, this doesn’t mean nicest first, boring last. In fact it’s better to get the things that bore or annoy you done first so you can happily go on to doing something nice and pleasurable with a clear conscience. And don’t procrastinate, no matter how appealing it sounds. Procrastination will only make you feel worse, knowing that there’s some job that needs doing and it will not disappear magically by itself.

Pass on chores

Try as hard as you want, you won’t be able to do everything, both at work and in the house, even though you’re certain that you do things in the best possible way and no one can do them better. If you’re a perfectionist who has trouble delegating, you’re probably straining yourself more than is healthy. Take a deep breath and leave something for someone else to do, be it washing the dishes at home or finishing a project at work. Maybe after you see that other people can do things not too badly, you’ll dare delegate more and free up some time for yourself.

Set realistic goals

Keeping the house spotless at all times, cooking three-course meals on a daily basis, going to all your kids’ games and recitals, and boasting a level of productivity that lets you do the job of two other people aside from your own is, let’s face it, unrealistic. Set yourself small goals that would make you feel good about yourself when you accomplish them and boost your confidence that you can get to this work-life balance without too much stress.

Accept trade-offs as a necessity

Sacrifices need to be made every day. Since they are for the most part small things, a trade-off is a better word for them. You might have to miss some corporate social event to go to your daughter’s ballet recital, or at some other point you might have to miss the recital in favor of a corporate event that could lead to a promotion. The thing is you can’t be in more than one place at a time and multitasking has its limits. Reconcile yourself to this fact and only try to do as much as you can without feeling that you’re sacrificing more than you’re comfortable with.