We are pleased to bring you videos from around the web from industry Thought Leaders who are renowned speakers, authors, leadership experts and executive coaches.  

Brene Brown Dr. Brene Brown is a professor at the University of Houston and a nationally renowned speaker on topics such as vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.
Amy Cuddy Dr. Amy Cuddy is an Associate Professor at the Harvard Business school and a recognized psychologist on such topics as stereotyping, discrimination, emotions, and nonverbal behavior.
Marshall Goldsmith Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a renowned executive coach, speaker and author. He is the author or editor of 34 best selling books on that focus on topics related to leadership and success.
Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg is an American business woman and current COO of Facebook. In 2012, she was included in Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.
linda salane Dr. Linda Salane is Executive Director of the Leadership Institute at Columbia College and is passionate about training future women leaders.
Hanna RosinHanna Rosin is a senior editor at The Atlantic and founder of Double X.
Sandra ChapmanDr. Sandra Chapman is a founder of the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas where she focuses on new scientific evidence that demonstrating that you can make your brain smarter.
Eileen McDarghEileen McDargh is founder and CEO of the consulting firm The Resiliency Group. She is a sought-after speaker on helping organizations build resilient leadership teams and workplaces.
Pat-Heim Dr. Pat Heim is CEO of The Heim Group and author of “Hardball for Women.” She is a recognized expert on gender issues and differences in the workplace.
marti barlettaMarti Barletta is a renowned speaker and author on the topic of marketing to women. She is an authority on helping companies garner more customers through marketing to women tactics.
Ann Herrmann-Nedhi To Get More Productive Use Your BrainAnn Herrmann-Nedhi is CEO of Herrmann International where she is focused on promoting an understanding of how individuals and organizations think and become more effective.
kerry patterson why people do what they doKerry Patterson is a renowned author and founder of VitalSmarts, which focuses on innovations in corporate training and leadership development. He is the recipient of the Mentor of the Year Award.
margaret heffernanDr. Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author. She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She was named one of the Internet’s Top 100 by Silicon Alley Reporter in 1999, one of the Top 25 by Streaming Media magazine and one of the Top 100 Media Executives by The Hollywood Reporter.
avivah_wittenberg-coxAvivah Wittenberg-Cox is CEO of the consultancy 20-first, one of the world’s leading gender consultancies. She has spoken on leadership, marketing and talent management issues across the globe and she lectures at both INSEAD and HEC business schools. She has had articles, reviews and interviews published in a variety of publications including Harvard Business Review, International Herald Tribune and Financial Times. She is the Founder and Honorary President of the European Professional Women’s Network.
Francis HesselbeinAs the recipient of twenty-two honorary doctoral degrees, the author of three autobiographies and the co-editor of 27 books in 29 languages, Frances Hesselbein is considered one of the country’s greatest leaders. From her service as the CEO of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. from 1976-1990, to her recognition by former President Bill Clinton in 1998 as a Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work as “a pioneer for women, volunteerism, diversity and opportunity,” Frances has provided the world with a simple leadership philosophy: To serve is to live.
Marjorie BlanchardDr. Marjorie Blanchard has earned a reputation worldwide as a compelling motivational speaker, an accomplished management consultant and trainer, a best selling author and a entrepreneur. In 1983 she was chosen speaker of the year by New Woman magazine and American Express.
Heidi HannaAs a global speaker and consultant, Dr. Heidi Hanna has trained thousands of individuals on practical ways to incorporate nutrition, exercise, and positive psychology strategies to improve their health, productivity, and performance. Heidi is CEO and founder of SYNERGY, a consulting company that specializes in customized health and performance solutions for organizations.
cindy solomonFor more than two decades, Cindy Solomon and her organization have worked with hundreds of organizations to build bottom line results by creating profitable, long-term relationships with customers, leaders, and employees.