How To Fire Up Your Job Search in 2014

Search for job iconIt’s a brand new year, and you’re probably entering it equipped with a list of brand new resolutions for your career. Finding your ideal job may be your top priority, but if you’re like many other job seekers in 2014, it may have been a long time since your last search. Never fear! Here are three tips to make certain that your search is firing on all cylinders and targeting the perfect job that’s right for you.

Social Media Can Be a Powerful Connection – Ah, the ubiquitous social media. Even in job markets the power of social media can’t be denied. But put away those cat photos and quirky E-cards. Social media for business is no place for photos of your Granny’s teacup poodle. Nor is it the place to randomly approach strangers for a connection to further your job search. There’s an art to making social media connections particularly where your career is concerned.

Incredibly popular LinkedIn is the place to advance your work connections that can help promote your career or help you find a new position. However, you’ll only become infamous if you randomly try to connect with people you don’t know. It’s important that you stay current with the trends of your industry and participate in professional discussions. There’s always more to learn from your colleagues, and you’ll want to establish your own expertise. However, when it comes to forging new connections, ask someone to introduce you to the person you’d like to connect with. The key to making any social media work is to create a meaningful connection, and this is particularly important in the professional working world. Someone who is familiar with your personality and career will be more likely to offer your name for a future job or promotion, so be respectful when it comes to approaching potential connections.

Don’t Forget the Fundamentals – Your cover letter, resume and job application are crucial elements in your job search. It may seem old fashioned, but these three items are vital to any job search. Make absolutely certain that all of these things are polished and free of any grammatical errors. Nothing projects carelessness like a typo in your CV.

Another item that needs to be practiced and polished is your interview technique. Practice talking about your experience and promoting your career accomplishments. This can sometimes be challenging, particularly for women, but if you don’t proclaim your talents and highlight your expertise no one else will. This also means researching the company that you’re applying to. Information interviews can be incredibly helpful in this regard and can establish rapport with potential employers.

The Importance of a Sponsor – Finding someone who can not only mentor your career but advocate it can be key in landing the job of your dreams. A mentor can teach you the ropes in a company, but gaining a sponsor can help you move forward. A sponsor will help you land a new position and push your name forward for the next promotion. This person can offer invaluable assistance as you climb the ladder of success. This means that you should be researching the executives of your target company and figuring out who you should request an informational interview with. Show your interest in the company and your future career and highlight how you can solve problems, because all employers want to hire people with solutions.

The beginning of the New Year is a great time to start your job search. Companies have often approved new budgets and are looking for new hires. Keep these tips in mind and launch your job hunt for that spectacular new job in your future.



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